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Daughters of Evrytania

The Daughters of Evrytania were first organized on July 4, 1947 in Charlotte, NC. The first executive officers were: Julia Chamis, President; Zoe Cavalaris, Vice-Presdient; Helen Anagnos, Secretary; and Alice Pappas, Treasurer.:


It was decided at this meeting that dues were to be $5 a year after paying a $1 registration fee.Three years later dues were decreased to $3 to increase membership.


The main project of the Daughters wes to help the elementary schools of Evrytania.The first project was a dance on January 22, 2950 at Fireman's Hall in Charlotte. The entrance fee was $1.00. The affair netted the organization $618 in profit. Throughout the years the membership has grown and has helped provide dowries for young poverty stricken girls, has provided dental assistance to people in Evrytania, helped furnish the Hospital of Karpenisi, given scholarships to young ladies whose mothers are members, as well as continuing to help the elementary schools. There are many more philanthropies, too numerous to mention.


The Daughters of Evrytania continue to follow the goals and agendas built on the exemplary efforts of their early members and leaders.

Executive Board for 2023-05


President:                     Roula Chulkas

Vice-President:             Dina Goodson

Secretary:                     Maria Belegrinis Childers

Treasurer:                     Helen Clonaris

Membership:                 Olga Kleto

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